Improvement Advisor Test project

Went through an extensive program in improving process in the hospital. Started off with improving the turn around time from ordering a test to the result of the test at the hospital. There were multiple solutions offered to improve the turnaround time however none were implemented due to barriers that couldn't be helped. Very good learning experience though.

Supported attendance tool for HR

A tool that was previously designed by another person. Responsible for supporting the software; however, end up updating the software due to IT not supporting the version the application initially created. It was an Access interface communicating with an MS SQL Server database. It was a challenging project due to the tools and an ongoing project. 

Supported a company that needed state insurance rates updated using ETL

Under an Oracle database environment, responsible with Extracting, Transforming, and Loading data.

Government Budget System

Part of a team that developed a government budget system over 20 years ago.